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Balance & Neuro Physical Therapy Center
Oak Bend Medical Center
Balance & Neuro Physical Therapy Center - Houston TX

Neurological Rehab: PT & OT

Neurological Physical Therapy
Focuses on retraining central pathogens to compensate for damage caused by any neurological condition to help our patients become as safe and independent as possible.

Neurological Occupational Therapy
Focuses on life skills to return the patient to independent living.

At Balance Diagnostic & Therapy, we pride ourselves in our ability to stay focused on the end result, our patients! Our neurological physical and occupational therapists work hand and hand to improve the quality of life for our brain injured and stroke patients. Therapy is hard work and all of our therapists have a unique understanding of what each patient has gone through just to get to this point. It is our desire maximize each session so that all the hard work and effort pays off.

Our clinic is one of the few outpatient clinics offering Bioness H200 for patient use. This is a neuro prosthetic device that helps deduce spasticity and return function to effected arms and hands post stroke. Here at Balance and Neuro PT, we also offer anodyne therapy for the treatment of peripheral neuropathies. (Commonly described as tingly, numb or painful hands and feet) Accompanied with traditional gait and balance therapy we have found anodyne therapy to be successful in the reduction of pain while restoring sensation in most of our patients. Call us to learn more about any of the new technologies used every day to assist our patients in the maintenance and recovery process.

We are excited about the results we are getting in our one-on-one rehabilitation in all neurological diagnosis.

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